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Clinical trials are a constantly evolving field, and more and more relevant scientific research is being published. Clinical trial services are frequently cited as the most reliable method for accurately assessing a treatment's impact on patients. Utilizing clinical trials to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of recently developed medications and medical devices is a growing practice in the healthcare field.They offer a reliable platform for the clinical trials sector to evaluate the efficacy and safety of innovative medications. Through the historical history, current situation, and clinical trial strategy, a context-giving framework is provided.

Applications and the Limitations of Real-World Data in Gene Therapy Trials

With an estimated rare diseases touching the lives of over million people globally the challenge is immense

Revitalizing Research

Prioritizing Participant-centric Strategies to Accelerate Clinical Trials

We all know someone a loved one friend or close acquaintance

Perspectives on the Future of Metabolism-targeted Therapeutics in Precision Oncology

Although genes encode cellular functions and fates with DNA acting as an inert cookbook metabolism is the lifeblood of every living cell

Outsourcing in Clinical Trials: Optimizing Outsourcing Relationships for Mutual Success

Clinical trials form the backbone of pharmaceutical development acting as the proving ground where the safety and efficacy of novel medical interventions are thoroughly evaluated

Gene Therapy for Cancer & Immunology

After the s and the development of recombinant DNA techniques tests showed that foreign genes are able to correct disease phenotypes and genetic defects in mammalian cells while the use of gene transfer methods has facilitated the effective demonstration of phenotype correction in vitro and in vivo

Decentralization - The Future of Clinical Trials

Decentralization was a necessity for the conduct of the clinical trials during the Coronavirus Disease COVID pandemic


Visit the science and pharmacy colleges in the vicinity where the vacancies exist talk to the Placement Cell and then finalise a date which is convenient both for the final year students who are awaiting results and also for the Human Resource HR teams and the line managers concerned The HR Department and the line managers concerned should prepare...

The Virtual World of Digital Clinical Trials

Is it becoming a reality?

Emerging technologies have the potential to fundamentally alter how patients engage with and participate in clinical trials Creating a digital strategy for drug development has become a critical focus area for pharmaceutical companies

Barriers Preventing Clinical Trial Software Development

From transforming the design and execution

Back in August of in the Wall Street Journal Marc Andressen the famous venture capitalist wrote a now classic editorial in which he predicted that software would eat the world that is many traditional businesses and industries would morph from manual enterprises to ones being run using software and delivered as online services


Doing it the phygital way

Introducing a new drug or treatment regimen is a laborious task which is filtered at various levels before it reaches the general populace


How language and tech are re-shaping clinical trials today?

So were spending US billion on bringing a new drug to the market FDA News and were spending about a dozen years to do so That is a lot of time and money spent For whom are we doing all this again


Closer to reality

Clinical trials include experiments and the related observations done in clinical settings as part of prospective biomedical research studies on human participants

Moving Ahead with Intelligent Virtual Clinical Trials

Healthcare today faces extraordinary challenges posed by the COVID pandemic along with a rise in chronic disease burden worldwide an aging population and the growth of the middleclass Asian population

New Drug Development and Clinical Trial Design by Applying Genomic Information Management

The human genome includes variants of DNA base sequences and epigenetic mutations including changes in DNA methylation and histone acetylation patterns Genomic variations which include mutations in drug metabolismrelated genes can affect the pharmacokinetics pharmacodynamics efficacy and safety of drugs This review describes the use of drugrelated

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