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Iktos Acquires Synsight, Focused on Drug Discovery through Protein-Protein and RNA-Protein Interactions

Tuesday, July 09, 2024

Iktos, a company specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics for drug design, has acquired Synsight, a French biotech firm focused on using AI and high-content cell imaging for discovering new drugs. This acquisition enhances Iktos’s platform in AI and Robotics-assisted drug discovery.

Synsight has developed MT Bench™, a technology licensed from INSERM, which excels in detecting protein-protein (PPI) and RNA-protein interactions (RPI) within cells. This capability allows for efficient screening of molecules that can modulate these interactions, crucial for diseases like cancer and neurodegenerative disorders.

Iktos, known for its GenAI approach in Drug Discovery and its Iktos Robotics platform, integrates Synsight’s MT Bench technology to enhance its capabilities in biological testing of synthesized compounds. This integration accelerates Iktos’s design-make-test process by internalizing previously outsourced biological testing.

The acquisition enables Iktos to launch new drug discovery programs targeting PPIs and RPIs, addressing challenging yet critical therapeutic areas. By combining AI-driven technology with Synsight’s screening platform, Iktos aims to pioneer breakthroughs in modulating complex molecular interactions implicated in various diseases.

Founded by Cyril Bauvais and Guillaume Bollot, Synsight operates from Evry Genopole, collaborating closely with Université Evry Paris Saclay. Their expertise in cellular imaging, AI, and robotization complements Iktos’s strategy to build a comprehensive AI- and Robotics-enabled drug discovery platform.

Iktos, emphasized the significance of this acquisition in advancing their capabilities to tackle challenging drug discovery programs. Alexis Denis, SVP and Head of Drug Discovery at Iktos, highlighted the potential of targeting PPIs and RPIs, underscoring their importance in regulating key biological mechanisms and offering new avenues for therapeutic innovation.

Cyril Bauvais, President of Synsight, expressed enthusiasm about joining Iktos and leveraging their combined strengths to drive drug discovery forward. This collaboration positions Iktos at the forefront of discovering novel therapies targeting intricate cellular interactions, pivotal for advancing treatments in oncology and neurodegenerative diseases.


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