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Research and development are imperative in every business. Biopharmaceutical companies conduct research and development to achieve a variety of goals, including saving lives and enhancing patients' quality of life. To stay current on production methods and quality control procedures, businesses in this sector rely on reputable pharmaceutical research and development services.

Beyond the Blueprint: mRNA’s in Promise Immunotherapy

The current landscape of cancer immunotherapy has seen significant advancements in recent years

Using Existing Data to Create and Validate Digital Biomarkers

The first challenge when implementing digital health technologies is achieving the adoption and acceptance of digital biomarkers

Success in Pharmaceutical Research Can Be Highly Unpredictable

The macroeconomic fundamentals of the pharmaceutical industry remain strong

Safety Considerations for Antibody Drug Conjugates

Antibody drug conjugates ADCs are innovative modalities to deliver chemotherapeutics to specifically targeted populations of cancer cells

IgA-Mediated Inflammatory Disorders

Autoantigen-specific IgA, a biomarker with strong effector functions

In current drug development we are educated and trained to follow identical development strategies that have been proven to be successful in the past and assume a guaranteed success for the future

Using Quantitative Systems Pharmacology Modelling to Accelerate Drug Development

Quantitative systems pharmacology QSP combines computational modelling and experimental methods to explore the relationship between a drug human biology and the disease process

Advances in mRNA Therapeutics and Vaccines

In the field of infectious disease a prophylactic vaccine is a product that prevents disease by inducing an immune response against an infectious agent or pathogen


Recent developments and prospects for the treatment of various diseases

Nanotherapeutics is the branch of nanotechnology that deals with the application of nanoparticulate drug delivery systems to treat or manage diseases by specific delivery of a therapeutic agent to a targeted location in the body

How to Study Drug Transport at Biological Interfaces

Drugs as small or mediumsized molecules nanometer in diameter typically possess both lipophilic and hydrophilic properties For a drug molecule to reach its intracellular target it usually needs to cross several barriers including mucus gel layer intestinal epithelial cells capillary endothelium and finally membrane of target cells


Road towards cancer therapy management

In the past few decades nanotechnology has emerged as one of the most important approaches for cancer diagnosis and therapeutics



For many drug discovery programmes HBS form the foundation of many hypotheses and contribute to research that is the basis for gonogo decisions during the development process

Building a Biomedical Diagnostic Research Hub in Asia

Menarini AsiaPacific is just over a decade old having established its regional headquarters in Singapore back in November

Role of miRNAs in Neurodegeneration

In disease causing mechanisms and tools of biomarker discovery and therapeutics

Neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimers disease AD Parkinsons disease PD Huntingtons disease HD and Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis ALS are a group of agerelated progressive disorders initiated by the neuronal loss that eventually leads to cognitive and movement disorders

Pharmacogenomic Evaluation in Lung Diseases

A growing need

More than one billion people are impacted by chronic and acute lung diseases globally Infact noncommunicable diseases such as chronic respiratory diseases are among the biggest reasons for fatality WHO

Therapeutic Cancer Vaccines—Antigen Discovery and Adjuvant Delivery Platforms

For decades vaccines have played a significant role in protecting public and personal health against infectious diseases and proved their great potential in battling cancers as well This review focused on the current progress of therapeutic subunit vaccines for cancer immunotherapy Antigens and adjuvants are key components of vaccine formulations W...

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