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To achieve its goals, the pharmaceutical industry needs a winning strategy. As part of their evolution, pharmaceutical companies must expand their powerful drug improvement offers. In terms of a regulatory framework and tactical innovations, the pharmaceutical industry is at the cutting edge of human knowledge. The length and complexity of these situations make them challenging for businesses and agencies. On the other hand, implementing distribution and enhancement networks may be quite expensive. Strong pharmaceutical techniques are essential to achieving long-term success since they enable connection building, market research, and brand exposure.

Challenges in GMP, GCP & Regulatory Affairs

The pharmaceutical industry operates in a constantly shifting regulatory environment Health authorities worldwide are continually updating and revising regulations

Global Regulatory Landscape for Cell and Gene Therapies

Navigating the complex and dynamic gene therapy regulatory landscape has been a persistent challenge for developers and manufacturers

An Overview of Clinical Overview

A Clinical Overview is an integrated document intended to provide critical analysis of Pharmacology Efficacy and Safety of the pharmaceutical agent in humans It is one of the important documents of Module of the Common Technical Document CTD ie Module which refers to the data provided in the comprehensive clinical summary the individual clinical...


Key trends in 2021

The first Biosimilar was approved in the year in the European Union and since then there have been more than biosimilar drugs that have been approved Not surprisingly there has been phenomenal growth in the biosimilars market an Assocham report states that the global biosimilars market is estimated to reach US billion by while the Indian biosimi...


Can advanced dual-chamber solutions help?

Latest figures show that China is the second pharmaceutical market in the world after the United States with an overall value amounting to about billion dollars in

China’s New PRC Biosecurity Law

Key implications for international players

Against the background of the COVID global pandemic China fasttracked and passed last year its first national biosecurity law Biosecurity Law The law which took effect on April of this year adds another key component to Chinas overall national security


Adopting industry best practice requires three critical skills

Every life science company is eager to find and absorb industry best practices and for good reason In a business environment that is changing quickly no firm can afford to be left behind and relying on internal experience and lessons is too slow It is essential to imitate as well as to innovate


What is a business model, and how can you build one?

As companies from Roche to Merck demonstrate successful adaptation begins with a shared vision of the future business model But therein lies the problem What is a business model Despite it being peppered over every meeting and filling the media there is no agreement amongst either academics or executives about the definition of this ubiquitous term


Its been nearly two years since the outbreak of COVID began and were still in the midst of enormous disruptions to the worlds economies businesses education and peoples lives

The Pharmaceutical Industry and the Future of Drug Development

The drug business has various strange qualities that make it very different from individuals thought process of as industry Its additionally an industry packed with logical inconsistencies for instance notwithstanding the undisputed reality that for more than a century the business has made a major contribution to human prosperity and the decrease...

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